Vivid Reptiles

        Pituophis deppei deppei - VRHD


VRHD - Summer Phase

A wonderful example of a Summer Phase that has retained dark pigmentation in only a very well defined area of the snake's pattern. The effect is visually striking because of the high contrast. The exceptionally light, buttery yellow of this animal makes the dark pigment pop. If we were to zoom in on this dark pigment we would again find no real "black" but instead the same purple/blue that we have seen on other VRHD. Note the near absence of the metallic purple/blue on the tail of this VRHD. Those familiar with Pituophis will immediately recognize the signs that this fellow is becoming upset and is about  to let go with the characteristic Pituophis "explosive' release of air.  If kept at normal room temperatures these snakes are pretty much rock steady and well behaved. Our outreach ambassadors for many years.