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The reptiles listed as "available" are animals that Vivid Reptiles considers ready for sale. Availability changes over time and will be reflected on this page.
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Click on an animal's identification number to display a photograph, description and price. Animals that are no longer available may not have a photo available. To make a purchase, inquire about specific animals, or send your shipping information - please use the buttons provided above.

Animals that have recently sold are marked "S".

River Road Alterna rrm3479 S

Chaos River Road Alterna crrf3455 S crrf3469 S crrf3451 S

Black Gap Alterna

Thayeri lmtm3421  lmtm3433


Mandarin Rat Snake - (pairs or single males)

Durango Mtn. Pine Snake
pddm3402 S pddm3388 S


Wild Card
lghm3425 S