Vivid Reptiles

        Pituophis deppei deppei - VRHD

VRHD - Summer Phase Pigmentation Detail

A study of two blotches from the same Summer Phase VRHD. Blotches vary in size, shape, color and perhaps most of all in the various degrees of color and structural integrity. Upon close inspection we can see purple/blues, orange, red and, of course, yellow. On the body section to the right we can readily see how blotch fading in these animals is accomplished by employing yellow (more or less identical to the background base yellow) as the pigment of intrusion. If we focus on the center of the blotch on the body section to the left, we are treated to a very interesting demonstration of primary color addition where the purple/blue mixes with the intrusive yellow to yield green. It's a dull, scant green to be sure, but green nonetheless. Once you see the green you can see that it actually runs all thought the blotch. A green P.d.deppei should be within the realm of possibility if a fortuitous genetic mutation caused the correct displacement of pigment. As evidenced many times over in many reptiles - color displacement mutations are more than likely orders of magnitude more common than a mutation(s) that would cause a new primary color to appear from out of nowhere.