Vivid Reptiles

Very rarely
        does an animal come along that both strains our powers of
        description and causes us to re-evaluate our framework for
        qualifying reptile beauty. The VRHD is one such animal. To call
        these creatures merely 'beautiful" feels tepid and falls
        woefully short of the visceral impact these animals elicit when
        seen for the first time. Otherworldly, ethereal - come closer to
        the mark. It is with considerable delight that Vivid Reptiles
        presents these magnificent beasts for your perusal. For in-depth
        information on the VRHD, please use the following buttons: VRHD
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VRHD - Winter Phase

VRHD will typically be devoid of pattern on the head with pigmentation reflecting that of the body's background. The clean, clear heads are particularly fetching on the Winter Phase. Very little actual melanin on this animal. Both Winter and Summer phase patterns can fade drastically on some adults.