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        Pituophis deppei deppei - VRHD

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VRHD Winter Phase vs Summer Phase

Adults. When this gene(s) began to reveal its hand early on and it was apparent there would be at least two distinct color phases, I was curious to see which, if any, color phase collectors would lean towards. So far there seems to be a roughly 50:50 split but this is probably not entirely reliable as most folks feel that they need both eventually, no matter their initial preference. This Winter Phase has an interesting layout where a brilliant white reverse stripe flows tastefully into split blotches mid-dorsally. The thin edges of dark pigment outlining the reverse stripe and scale ridges on the anterior portion of the body elevates an already gorgeous white snake into the stratosphere. As with many Winter Phase VRHDs, the tail has a hint of creamy yellow which the camera never adequately captures. The Summer Phase, by contrast, has a very abbreviated stripe, which barely makes it though the nuchal area where, without any intermediate transition, joins a faded but more or less normal deppei pattern.