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River Road Alterna

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Texas Triple Threat

This assembly illustrates just how variable alterna can be across their range in Texas. Clockwise from upper left: River Road (Lajitas), West Langtry, Juno Road. The dark specimen hails from approximately 2 miles west of the River Road town of Lajitas. Many alterna collectors consider Lajitas animals to warrant stand-alone locality status. For reference, the Big Hill lies about 12 miles west of Lajitas' town center. Few alterna have ever been collected from the Lajitas area and the few captive bred animals that come available favor a pattern scheme of bold orange diamonds on a medium gray background, with or without alternates. This is most likely a bias introduced from the low number of founder animals. Dark alterna like the one above are certainly not standard fare for Lajitas or, for that matter, anywhere along the River Road.