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Vivid reptiles is owned by Tim and Gerry Gebhard. Employees do not extend beyond family members. Exploring the natural variability of species, and how that variability relates to a specie's environment and behavior is responsible for the driving passion behind our work. In our minds, an animal's environment and its complex behavioral responses to that environment, truly bring them to life, "3D" manifestations of beauty with seemingly unlimited potential for exploration. The often inscrutable mind of nature manages this magic amalgam in ways that never fail to delight. Though we do not work with species crosses or albinos and take great joy in exploring naturally evolved forms, we don't take any moral or scientific high ground with those factions of the hobby it's just not the direction in which our personal bliss lies. Vivid Reptiles does not broker animals, import animals or attend trade shows all sales are conducted online. All animals featured on this website are owned (or have been owned) by Vivid Reptiles. Except in very rare circumstances, animals for sale on these web pages were produced by Vivid Reptiles. We have been in the business since 1982.


All the information contained in this website should be considered purely anecdotal, based only upon observations and direct experience. It has been unexpectedly liberating to put our hard science hat aside for a while. Being lukewarm about current speciation and taxonomy trends in general, we make only a casual attempt to keep current. As a matter of fact, we have increasingly come to value the use of common names as they can often contain more information for the layman and certainly more information for hobbyists interested in regional variations within species and morphological responses to the environment. For a more illuminating taxonomy experience and photos of truly rare and often never seen before Lampropeltis, please see Robert Hansen's most excellent website at:

Physical Location

Vivid Reptiles is located near the extreme Southern edge of the Edwards Plateau of Central Texas otherwise known as the Texas Hill Country. Our location is very rural. Due to legal issues we no longer support on-site visits.


At best, viewing reptile photos on a computer is tricky business. This makes the accurate representations of animals very difficult. True life color representation is affected by accuracy of the photo editor's eye, the accuracy in which the camera renders color, the software used by various web browsers, the type of computer monitor and the settings of the computer monitor. That's a lot of "stuff" to have working together in perfect harmony. You can reduce the potential mayhem by using better quality cameras and photographic technique, good editing software, using monitor calibrating hardware and software and proofing colors in different popular web browsers. We have seen this website displayed on numerous computers belonging to various individuals and businesses and the result runs the spectrum from cartoonish colors to pale, ghostly colors. We try to shoot down the middle but problems are unavoidable - there are too many variables in play to appear completely accurate on everyone's set up.

Vivid Reptiles unabashedly encourages you to promote, support and explore the wonderful diversity of life on planet Earth.

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