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vrhdm1181, vrhdf1541 - pair sale

$3600 pr.
$2000 each singly

Juvenile P.d.deppei - hypomelanistic. The male is Winter phase - white - ID# vrhdm1181, the female is Summer phase - yellow - ID# vrhdf1541.

Possibly the rarest colubrid on the planet and a definite contender for the most beautiful. This strain of hypomelanistic deppei originated from animals collected in the mountainous area of Los Mimbres, Durango - in the Sierra Madre Occidental of northwestern Mexico. These deppei have not been outcrossed other localities.

Juvenile deppei undergo a magical transformation from juvenile to adult with colors beginning to develop at about the 2ft mark. This process is electrified in the VRHD strain. The VRHD hypomelanistic form occurs in 2 basic phases, Summer Phase with clear, sunshine yellow and Winter Phase where the yellow is replaced with frosty white. There are naturally occurring pattern mutations associated with both forms as well. For a more in depth treatment of these animals please reference: