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Brook's Kingsnake

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Sub adult female. We've spent several years putting together a small group of wild type brooksi with good, wild provenance. This particular female was acquired directly from Robroy McInnes. She is descended directly from a group of wild caught animals put together by Bill Love and Robroy McInnes many years ago. At the time this wild group was legendary and often unattainable. This assemblage of wild founders also carried the first hypo genes true to the locality. The normals from this bloodline are superb examples of what nice, unadulterated South Florida brooks can look like. In general, wild Florida Kingsnake populations are in trouble with habitat loss and a general failing to thrive in once historic Florida kingsnake localities. Actually finding a wild Brooks today is very difficult. It took 5 years to round up the little wild type group that we are working with now. This snake is a duplicate, bought directly from Robroy. She is in the process of loosing the juvenile pattern.